Do you know someone who wants to sell their property in Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin or Chemnitz? The process is simple and straightforward. Give us a hint and you can look forward to a handsome tipster commission!

Which properties are currently urgently needed?

  • Single-family houses, manor houses, monument properties in rural and urban regions, refurbished and not refurbished
  • Apartments for sale in Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin and Chemnitz
  • Commercial real estate in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Brandenburg
  • Investments for existing customers in the residential and commercial market

What do you have to consider?

Even as a tipster, you need to know certain formalities and legal aspects in order to be covered. So you have to ask yourself what am I allowed to do as a tipster and what am I not allowed to?

This question can be answered using the „Law against Unfair Competition“

  • The acquisition of the owner must not take place through harassment (§ 7 Abs. 1 UWG).
  • The acquisition of the owner must not take place with aggressive advertising (§ 4 No. 1, 3, 5 UWG).
  • Avoid unauthorized advertising calls (Section 7 (2) UWG) or deception (Sections 3, 5; 4 No. 3 UWG).
  • Only forward personal data of the owner with his consent (§ 28 Abs. 3 BDSG).

One point that is often underestimated by many tipsters is the taxes that arise. Tipper commissions must also be taxed (see § 22 Abs. 3 EstG).

Should you still have questions, have concerns or want to become active as a tipster yourself, by phone or e-mail.

You can find more information about the tipster commission in the article „Legally secure tip commission“ of the IVD Plus magazine.

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