As an “All in One” ** real estate agent **, we rent houses, apartments, office space and ** production properties ** in Leipzig and the Leipzig district with a high level of commitment and reliability, as if it were our own property. Benefit from our informative exposés and numerous pictures of your ** property **. Because only those who are well informed are well prepared as interested parties and we can mediate in a targeted manner.

1. How does renting with a real estate agent actually work?

We come straight to the rental property! You arrange a free appointment with us at the rental property, we will explain the rental opportunities without obligation and, if necessary, provide information on the condition of the property.

2. How much rent can I get for my property?

This is a question that comes up with every rental. During the first conversation we can give you the first market figures for the standard local comparative rent and only define the value exactly when you inspect the property. This generally depends on the equipment and location of the property.

3. Our expertise for your property

You provide us with all floor plans including basic numbers and the contacts to your property for viewing with interested parties. After viewing the property for the first time, we create our exposé including all information, our pictures and 360 ° tours. With us you have a direct influence on your expertise, because you know your property better than anyone.

4. Best possible advertising optimally distributed

We place advertisements in the largest real estate portals in Germany such as,, and various others. If you wish, your property will also be advertised directly on the property with a large rental sign.

5. We inspect and check for you

Viewing appointments are carefully planned by us in advance and coordinated with all parties involved. We can usually notify you of the result of the property inspection a short time later.** Tenants** have the opportunity to send us their application documents in advance. We check the creditworthiness, economic circumstances and completeness of the documents and thus which tenant is suitable for your property. Of course, as a **landlord**, you will also receive all documents from the prospective tenant so that you can get an idea for yourself.

6. The lease and what’s next!

We are also happy to assist you with drawing up the rental agreement and with the ** handover of the apartment **, the office or the storage space. For the handover, an ** acceptance report ** is created, which documents the condition of the premises and in which all meter readings are listed. Finally, the landlord and ** administration ** receive a copy of the handover protocol for their records.

This is what landlords can expect from us

  • Valuation of the rent based on market value and local comparative rent
  • Publication of the exposé on Germany’s largest real estate platforms
  • Mediation with always personal and competent advice
  • Visits without time pressure
  • aerial photographs and visual tours through 360 ° photo tours
  • Examination of the prospective tenants on the basis of the documents provided (self-disclosure, personal details, previous lessor certificate, liability insurance, salary statements, Schufa, etc.)
  • Brokerage of rental contracts up to handover of the property

You want to rent out your house, apartment, etc.?