Real estate appraisal free of charge and without obligation?

This question is always in the foreground when selling or renting real estate, but also in the case of inheritance disputes, liquidations of property and other legal requirements such as divorce, sale of shares or even retirement of real estate.

Real estate valuation - which data do I need to have at hand?

In the course of our real estate valuation of your property, we need the following key figures: property type, year of construction, size of residential and property area, number of rooms, equipment and location. Important for you: The more precise and detailed you provide the information, the more determinative the reference value of the property you will receive. We also evaluate your property personally on site. The substance of the property is then primarily and additionally assessed in order to finally define the real value.

How is the value of my property calculated?

If you have given all the information about your property, this will be compared with various market data such as sales offers in the region from a renowned and extensive property database. Based on this data and comparisons, an initial valuation is then made, which is the benchmark for your property. This guideline is always given in a price range, since, as described above, an online assessment cannot cover the substance on site and other eventualities. It is therefore important for you that the appraisal of a real estate expert is absolutely necessary for the final pricing. This also takes into account all other value-increasing / decreasing information about your property such as renovations or special equipment. Our team will be happy to advise you in a second step to inspect your property on site.

Why is property valuation free?

We as real estate agents Schröder & Busch Immobilien offer you our real estate valuation free of charge, as it is the first important step for us to properly sell or rent real estate. Most of the time, the evaluations are based on automated and database-supported procedures, but these will not replace personal contacts and the professional devaluation of the property. The calculated guideline value should show you as an initial value for the purchase price or rental price of your property.

What valuation methods are there for real estate?

Earned value method How to calculate the return and the income of a property. The calculation of the interest formation as an investment.
comparative value method Comparing your house with that of your neighbor certainly makes less sense, but a comparison value from countless comparison objects does.
Real asset method Real estate valuation viewed and assessed in a very objective manner Appraisal of the substance of exceptional properties without rental income.