Location Location Location - Real estate wisdom No. 1.

Together with you, we will prepare a detailed needs analysis according to location, size, room, hobby, etc. Often times, even outside of your key data, we will find properties that match your search with minor changes.

Let us surprise you!

During a joint property inspection, we will show you properties from our portfolio or plan a tour with you if you are interested in several properties. We inspect the objects together with you and explain possible design options. We clarify all questions that arise on site or after consultation with the sellers, so that you are provided with all-round information about the property and the property.

Have you thought about mortgage lending?

Basically, we recommend every potential interested party to discuss their financial situation in advance with a free financing advisor or a bank. We work with independent financiers and provide you with a direct contact person for a timely examination, guaranteed. Our team will help you with the creation of a financing concept and the financing documents to procure property.

You are close to your goal, just a lack of unity?

Negotiation through to the maturity of the contract - trust in our negotiating skills and our many years of market experience.

We have also often led to mutual success in the last few years by supporting owner associations in the liquidation of real estate portfolios (from inheritance, for example).

Purchase agreement and rental agreement - our partners do it!

We have our notaries draw up a draft sales contract that meets the legal requirements.

We work with experienced notaries in Leipzig, Halle, Berlin etc. for many years. We have a draft sales contract prepared for you and the buyer and submit it for review. Legally justifiable agreements can then be woven in.

The day of the sales contract and after

We accompany you with the notarial certification. Rental contracts are usually drawn up by ourselves and checked by experienced lawyers if necessary. Once the contracts have been concluded, the property must now be handed over to the buyer or tenant in accordance with the contract. We hand over the property with you or for you and prepare a handover protocol for you with meter readings and a description of the property’s condition.

We can also do the following for you

  • Receipt or creation of your property search profile
  • Examination of own stock of real estate
  • Acquisition of suitable real estate
  • Negotiation in the buying process
  • Financing support
  • Support in the execution of the purchase contract, including the takeover of the property from the seller