Bundesstraße location - commercial property near the A38 for retail and gas station

This property has already been brokered. It's only published for reference purpose. You can find our current offers on this page.

General information

type of offer: 
commercial ground / purchase
04420 Markranstädt / Kulkwitz

Detailed description

This is the last plot of land for sale in an area that was planned with a development plan in the 1990s.
The possible use results from the development plan, mainly commercial space and partly special area. The individual parcels have not yet been developed. The development agencies are located in Zwenkauerstraße and Göhrenzer Straße.

Admissibility in the commercial area: (property parts 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6)
- gas stations
- Retail businesses up to 1200 m² floor space
- Commercial enterprises of all kinds, warehouses, storage areas and public companies,
- commercial, office and administrative buildings,

We will be happy to provide you with various documents such as the current development plan, contaminated site certificate, etc. on request. The purchase price includes the development costs of 5.26 € / m² plus 1 € / m² for the completion of the final asphalt surface on the street. The buyer arranges the measurement and bears the costs for it. The property is being sold as it is currently.