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General information

type of offer: 
residential ground / purchase
15344 Strausberg

Detailed description

The parcel for sale is located in a quiet residential street. It is built on with smaller buildings and lovingly laid out. The property is currently supplied via shared lines. So far, the land has been used for weekend use. Due to the declaration of the building area, it is now possible to build a single-family house on these properties. The development of the land permitted under planning law must be based on Section 34 (1) BauGB.

Property size approx. 17.98 mx 41.55 m

The sale takes place without a developer and in the current condition. After consultation with the local suppliers, all development media such as water, sewage, electricity and gas are possible. The lines are already in the adjacent streets.
The following additional costs are to be expected for the development:
+ Gas up to 70 kw connection house line 30 m approx. 1100 €
+ Drinking water approx. 980 € plus per meter on site / 45 €, building cost subsidy (per meter) 31.21 € plus 7% VAT
+ Waste water, possibly biological pit, costs approx. € 6000 or € 153 per meter of connection to the property for urban drainage
+ Electricity connection price for a single family house up to 30 kW incl. 10m mains connection cable: € 585.16
Connection price for a single-family house up to 30 kW including 30m power cord: € 953.83

All information is non-binding and is based on statements made by local suppliers

++ The property offered can also be purchased in a size of approximately 961 m². The additional price for this would then be € 26,000. ++