This property has already been brokered. It's only published for reference purpose. You can find our current offers on this page.

General information

type of offer: 
commercial ground / purchase
04179 Leipzig / Lindenau
Germany / Sachsen

Detailed description

The property borders a main road and extends over two side streets. It is divided into three parcels of different sizes (2485,2940,2267). There is a city bus stop in front of the property. The property is built on with several older garages and a massive warehouse. Both parts of the building are partially let. The heat supply in this area is provided by district heating. Partial acquisition is possible. There are no building loads for the parcels.

Location description

The commercial property is located in the west of Leipzig, in the Lindenau district. It is approx. 7 km to the city center. The property borders a well-frequented main road, which is the connection between the B 181, B 87 and Lütznerstraße. Nearby is the Lindenau harbor, which will be brought back to life over the next few years through the connection to the Karl Heine Canal.