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Living space miscalculated - get your money back!
Living space miscalculated - get your money back!

Incorrect living space calculation is annoying and has long been a significant additional burden. It is the number of square meters in a single-family house or apartment that has a significant influence on the rental or purchase price. The information in rental and purchase contracts is often incorrect and excessive.

One property - many dimensions

Regardless of whether you are buying a house or renting an apartment, the number of living space as well as the ancillary areas play a role everywhere. When it comes to the valuation of a property, the living space and the ancillary areas are included, for example, in the real value method, income value method but also in the comparative value method. If the number of living spaces determined is incorrect, you have ultimately paid too much. If there is a corresponding deviation, you have the right to retrospectively claim back the excess rent for up to three years. You will find out how that looked here

When buying a property and the designated living space, the deviation from the actual living space must not be less than 10%. If this is the case, you as the buyer have the option of claiming back the loss of more than 10% of the living space from the purchase price. It is generally the case that the seller is liable for the information in an expose or online advertisement. Therefore, it makes sense to measure your property before selling or renting it or to have it measured by professionals. Read how it works here

If you are looking for a specialist to have a floor plan / s and a living space calculation drawn up, please contact us. We would be happy to advise you in advance by phone!

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