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Why hire a real estate agent?
Why hire a real estate agent?

Of course you can buy or sell a property yourself, but there are some pitfalls that often only become apparent during the sale process and the legal process. As a real estate agent, our main task is to advise you as the owner, buyer or tenant in advance, free of charge and without obligation.

Selling a home made easy

It is often the case that serious and good real estate agents already have an existing customer base and can often inform some customers about the new property when the order is placed. A good real estate agent acts responsibly on behalf of the owner. If a potential buyer signals that he is interested in buying, the next step is usually to design the financing. A good real estate agent works with his partner banks and with free financiers, who accompany you through the jungle of real estate financing.

Why agree a brokerage contract?

“Contract comes from contract”, because the client and the contractor should be in agreement in principle and act on an equal footing.

We mostly use the “Broker Sole Contract”. For the broker, this means a high degree of responsibility in dealing with applications, brokerage and real estate brokerage. The client can invoke his rights from this contract and rely on the fact that all possibilities of mediation are exhausted and included, which makes sense. Of course, the contract partner should take the broker’s professional advice into account. In the age of the Internet, the real estate agent should be real estate in the major portals in Germany such. B., or apply. Whether it is advertised on all portals at the same time often depends on the property type. Furthermore, it is very advantageous to hire a real estate agent who owns and operates his own, up-to-date and very informative website for real estate.

With a “simple brokerage contract”, which many other brokers use to quickly expand their portfolio, the client has a piece of paper in hand, but this paper often says that the contractor does not Action is required. With this type of contract, you forego the most important thing, the real estate agent’s duty to act. Everything can be advertised as the real estate agent likes and there are no obligations for him. As a result, it is usually the case that your property is advertised several times on the Internet by several real estate agents. The undesirable effect is usually different information on sizes, prices, etc. and your property automatically becomes an object of speculation! How do you react when you discover such advertisements and multiple offers on the Internet?


Real estate is a very sensitive topic and as such it should be treated with the greatest possible responsibility. With this in mind, you can achieve your desired goal with a broker alone contract without any stress or hassle. Leave the mediation to someone who understands his trade, acts and not just talks - a real estate specialist.