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The real value method
The real value method

To determine the market value of your property, you use the real value method in addition to the comparative value method and the income value method. The market value is used as a guideline for the purchase price, so the calculated market value should reflect as accurately as possible the value of your property on the current real estate market.

When is the real asset method used?

In the case of private property sales, the property value method is only required under special sales conditions. This is the case when there are insufficient comparative values ​​for similar properties, which is often the case with single houses in poorly populated regions. When it comes to an extraordinary property, such as a listed villa or an industrial building, then it is important to use the material value method in a targeted manner, as such properties rarely have comparable property values. This also applies if no usual rental data is available for the income value method; the real value method can then also be used.

With the real value method, the market value is calculated from the sum of the land value and the building real value. The result is corrected for the market adjustment factor. The result is the regional value of your property.

For an objective procedure, the real value method is well suited to calculate the intrinsic value of the property. In modern houses such as Passive Houses, the real value method will only rarely be used because there is insufficient data available on the standard production costs.

If the real value method is used for a property for which there are not enough comparative values, the calculated market value is only a marginally reliable statement about the market value of the property. The mapping of market events using the real asset method is then difficult to understand. Supply and demand are still a major factor in the value of the property, with the production costs being of secondary importance.

Therefore, it is particularly important to consult an experienced and competent real estate expert in addition to the real value method in order to determine a real and precise market value. At Schröder & Busch Immobilien you always receive market value assessments as a regional broker who is very familiar with the individual local and market conditions.

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