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Emigrate to Paraguay
Emigrate to Paraguay

When asked about popular emigration destinations, Paraguay would probably not come first, wrongly in our opinion. The country enchants with its subtropical climate, extremely friendly people and their very relaxed way of life.

With around 405,000 km² Paraguay is almost as big as Germany and Switzerland combined. However, only about 6.5 million people live on this huge area, which means there is enough space for free development. Everyone can settle down here without spatial restrictions and try to be self-sufficient, for example.


In Paraguay the clocks run a little slower than in Germany and you always have to be aware of that. The national language is Spanish and prospective emigrants should be able to master at least A2 level. With around 1,000 euros a month, a family in Paraguay lives extremely well, but of course there are regional differences here too. In the capital, Asuncion, costs are slightly higher than in the countryside, although Asuncion is still one of the cheapest capitals in the world.


The health system in Paraguay is well developed, at least in the cities. However, the further you get to the more rural regions, the less likely it is to have a doctor or hospital nearby. You should definitely take this into account.


Most of the emigrants who work in Paraguay have started their own business. Manual professions are particularly in demand here. The work mentality of the locals is usually a little more “relaxed” than that of the Germans. Therefore, emigrants with work experience and “know-how” have good cards here. The reputation of punctuality, order and conscientiousness precedes the Germans. It should also be mentioned that it is very easy to set up a company (for example “SRL”) in Paraguay. In addition to extremely low notarial costs, the minimum tax rate of 10% applies here.


Contrary to reports from the relevant media, Paraguay can be considered quite safe. Criminal offenses are almost exclusively acquisitive crime. Avoid hot spots and dodgy establishments.


Another big advantage Paraguay has over Germany is the low taxes. Income earned abroad is not subject to tax. Only 10% have to be paid for domestic profits. The property tax is also extremely low. For a plot of around 20 hectares, you only have to pay around € 10 per year. The value added tax is around 10%.


In many countries - especially in Germany - interest rates are a tiresome topic. But not in Paraguay! Even if it sounds utopian, in Paraguay you can still get up to 18% interest on your money! Of course, that sounds like fraud and illegality at first, but we don’t want to give you any tips on your financial planning here. In any case, it is worth taking a look at the local cooperatives, the equivalent of German cooperative banks. It just has to be noted that the money can only be invested in the local currency. So you need to be aware that after a certain period of time the exchange rates can shift - to your advantage or to your disadvantage.

Emigration regulations

If you want to emigrate to Paraguay, you have one of the simplest immigration processes in front of you. Basically you need the following documents:

  • birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Valid passport (valid for at least another 6 months)
  • Certified copy of the valid passport
  • Proof of ownership of a property in Paraguay or $ 5000 on deposit with a domestic bank
  • Current health certificate

All documents should be sent to the competent authority in Paraguay in consultation with the Consulate General and certified.

Despite the rather simple process, we strongly recommend the help of an immigration helper. These cost a maximum of € 1,000 and save a lot of time and nerves. Due to previous cooperation, we can also make our own recommendations here. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.