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Emigration to Canada
Emigration to Canada

In 2018 Canada is the most popular country for Germans to travel to. It ranks number 2 around the world, but this is not surprising, because in Canada life is considered very relaxed and people are considered to be balanced.

The national languages ​​are English and French, with French being preferred in the east and mainly English in the rest of the country. Therefore, emigrants should be able to demonstrate knowledge of English and have a basic knowledge of French. The further east you go, the more knowledge of French you will find useful. Despite its great popularity, Canada has around 3.6 people per km². In comparison, in Germany approx. 231 people live in the same area.

Health and Culture

Almost 40% of the land surface of Canada is covered by forest, making it the third largest green space of its kind on earth. Those who dream of special and breathtaking nature will hardly be able to avoid it! Some of the most beautiful cities and places in the world, such as Toronto, which is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, or the famous Niagara Falls are located here. Medical care and infrastructure are roughly equivalent to Germany. What is important, however, is that the health insurance that exists for you in Germany also applies to countries outside of Europe. A hospital stay without health insurance is calculated at the equivalent of € 700 - € 1,500 per day.

Work and economy

Canada has a stable economy. This is due on the one hand to trade agreements with the USA, China, Germany and others, and on the other hand to the raw material deposits. Academic professions are particularly in demand in the areas of construction, education, the health sector, etc. Finding work in Canada is about as hard as seeing a piece of beautiful nature in almost all areas. They are almost everywhere!

Stay in Canada

To enter Canada as a German or European, you need an ETA visa (electronic travel authorization). This is valid for 5 years or until your passport expires.


There are specific immigration programs, but they vary from province to province. For example, there is the “Family Class Immigration”.

Proof of a Canadian family or spouse who vouches for you must be provided. Your Canadian Guarantor must also show that he / she has a steady income.

It is easier to be accepted into the immigration programs if you have a highly skilled job that Canada has a shortage of workers.

Good language skills in English and French are desirable.

Immigration is determined by a point system. The score is determined based on your profession, experience, degree, and many other factors. If you get the required score, it means you are eligible for immigration!