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Interest in foreign real estate in Germany is increasing
Interest in foreign real estate in Germany is increasing

It is no longer an isolated case that numerous Germans have bought real estate abroad, such as in the USA, Bulgaria, Hungary and South Africa, as their second center of life.

Interesting prices and a rarely known luxury make current real estate offers abroad extremely interesting. And the great thing about it, there are usually so many Germans or German-speaking residents already in the regions that you quickly feel at home.

Whether you want to spend your retirement abroad or start a new working life, both are conceivable and have been practiced for many years.

A classic example can be found here “Lenong-Le-Leso”. It is a German who bought a piece of land in South Africa over 12 years ago and built a so-called lodge on it. Since then, this has been successfully run in the family business every six months during the season. And the nice thing about it, the enthusiasm for this region and especially for the life in South Africa, makes more and more vacationers and resettlers visit this lodge. Advertising has long been unnecessary as accommodations are limited and demand is steadily increasing. No vacation from a travel agency or tour operator, but rather exclusively and only with a pre-selection of vacationers. That is not a lift, but offers a new quality of tourism.

This little story is just one example of many. Often repatriates leave everything behind, sell their house or liquidate the real estate portfolio in Germany and start a new life abroad.