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Protect real estate values in an emergency?
Protect real estate values in an emergency?

We are all very protection conscious when it comes to our lives. Numerous insurances for our health, house, car etc. are sold to us with the fear of an emergency. But have you ever thought about what happens when you become incapacitated, for example due to an accident or illness?

Protect your real estate assets

In an emergency, the state has the opportunity to intervene brutally. If there are insufficient funds, the court will appoint an official supervisor. In the worst case, this turns all of your property into cash. Its job is to cover the monthly costs of your care and for as long as possible. In order to make provisions for this serious case, it is important to deposit a so-called general and preventive power of attorney with care and living will at home or in a central register.

The Internet is full of numerous templates, but only a few are useful and sufficient. Very important, as soon as you have, for example, real estate, the simple power of attorney lying at home is no longer sufficient. Here it is important to consult a notary who will notarially draw up and certify the general and preventive power of attorney with care and living wills. Without notarized certification, the general and health care proxy with care and living will for assets such as real estate is not recognized by law.

What does this power of attorney include?

  • Regulation of asset management and asset utilization
  • Declaration of intent regarding personal internal and external affairs
  • the supervision order in an emergency
  • the living will

For people who do not have any higher values ​, it is usually sufficient to write a declaration without notarial certification. But here, too, you should not do without the professional advice of a notary. You decide who receives this power of attorney in an emergency, because powers of attorney are a matter of trust. It is up to you who and how many people receive the power of attorney.


This declaration has to be signed every two years, otherwise it becomes invalid. This protects you from official abuse and enables you to live in dignity - even in the event of illness.