Schröder & Busch Immobilien is a qualified and certified real estate company in the field of brokerage for houses, apartments, residential and commercial properties and commercial properties in Leipzig, Saxony to Brandenburg and Thuringia. The brokerage company consists of trained construction specialists, merchants in the real estate and housing industry and from the field of gardening and landscaping. With constant training and certification for real estate agents, we can provide our customers with a wide range of knowledge and thus the greatest possible security when selling and buying real estate. With years of experience in the field of apartment and house construction, we offer an optimal package right from the start of real estate sales, as a property must be valued in advance. Online valuations of real estate, mostly offered by portals, are usually to be viewed with skepticism, as the substance is generally ignored in the first instance. In-depth equipment features are also often not taken into account, so that the online valuation of real estate is only half the story.

Convince yourself of our qualifications and certificates

We have not been idle and can claim to understand something about the real estate industry. Quality, expertise and trust represent the highest standards for us.